Saturday, April 9, 2011

Improving Email

Email is part of our lives. Whether you use an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird or a web based service like Google, Hotmail or Yahoo there be is no doubt the email experience can be better executed.

There are a number of services, free and paid, that attempt to improve aspects of your email software.

Xobni is my preferred program for Outlook. I have found the search capability incredibly useful. At present I am a beta tester for Xobni for Gmail and again I am impressed by the integration into gmail and the search functionality. It is interesting when you consider that Google is the No. 1 Search provider on the planet yet the reality is others can take Gmail and improve the search function. Makes me think about execution.....

Other tools use may want to consider:
Email Social Connectors - Gist, Rapportive
Tasks = Remember The Milk, Toodledo
Contact Manager - There are a bunch out there but considering what they charge I'm happy using Outlook Contacts

Finally if you are in to GTD (Getting Things Done) have a look at Jello Dashboard. Considering it is free it is very impressive.


Noel Sydney said...

I consider Xobni's core talent in finding e-mails and contacts based on any keyword search. Aside from that it also excels in surfacing file attachments, hyperlinks, and even personal information extracted from social networks, like photos and phone numbers.

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