Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spending marketing money...the social way

A number of years ago I was fortunate enough to be taught Brand Management during my MBA by Associate Professor Mark Ritson. I rate Mark very highly as he is not simply an academic theorist who has written for HBR ( but he understands the real world and complexity in executing great brand strategy.

Mark writes for the UK publication Marketing Week and a recent article of his - - caught my attention.

I highly recommend you read the article as I believe it demonstrates a case of execution gone wrong driven by the flawed strategy.

Favourite Quote
"An overt focus on social media had blinded Pepsi to the realities of its market. It was not marketing a movement, it was marketing cola. Marketing at Pepsi should have never been about conversations or dialogue - it should have been about reminding consumers what Pepsi stands for and encouraging them to go buy it."