Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I don't have a Facebook account

I often get asked why no one can find me on Facebook. The answer is simple...

Why? Well the truth is that I use to have a very active account. However I noticed that as I added more and more "Friends" so the number of unwelcome activities started to increase, such as:

  1. Photos appearing on peoples pages with a tag against my name that I was not happy with (the photo that is).
  2. Inappropriate comments attached to photos.
  3. Various inappropriate comments on my "Wall".
Note: My version of inappropriate could be very different to yours but that in itself gives a clue as to my decision to delete my profile.

Quite simply I came to realise the lack of control I had over my own profile. My ability to execute my content (profile) was determined by external inputs often out of my control. Many would argue this is not a major deal and precautions can be taken and limits implemented, but for me it was a deal breaker.

At the end of the day it is a personal choice. There is even a possibility you came to this page through someone who posted the link using the Facebook Like button. Whilst that may sound hypocritical, I in no way doubt the power of Facebook from a marketing perspective, particularly the referral method of marketing. And as delighted as I am that you have visited my blog, through the mighty Facebook Like button, I have decided that as long as I cannot execute and control my profile, a Facebook page is not for me.


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