Thursday, June 2, 2011

Managing People... What Really Matters.

I am the first to admit I do not excel on the emotional side of people management. Thankfully I can also say (with certainty) I am not the worst. I know this because I have had the the pleasure (sarcastic) to witness comments like "FIFO - Fit In or F... Off" etc etc in various management meetings.

A recent HBR blog post by Tony Schwartz titled "The Only Thing That Really Matters" is well worth the read.

I appreciate there are many out there who do not, for what ever reason, subscribe to the emotional side of people management however the example given in the article of Doug Conant, the outgoing CEO of Campbell Soup is a fantastic case study for demonstrating how managing people is more than KPIs and bottom line results. To quote the article, "Doug Conant .... is a rare example of a CEO who truly appreciates the relationship between personal value and the bottom line."

Many organisations and consultancies are fantastic at developing strategy. But when people are so often treated merely as an expense on the P&L, is it little wonder that that the execution does not deliver the famed "size of the prize"? Perhaps if more managers followed the examples laid out by Tony Schwartz the outcome of many strategies may be materially improved.


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